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Dr. Kotay is a clinical health psychologist, licensed in New York and California, who has advanced training in biofeedback, mindfulness, and self-hypnosis.  She has clinical expertise in addressing the psychosocial needs of patients with functional medical disorders or other chronic illnesses (e.g, chronic migraine headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, myofacial pain syndromes, diabetes, POTS, and other chronic conditions that dysregulate the autonomic nervous system).


Anu Kotay has worked as faculty member, provider, and educator at a number of academic medical institutions.  Her clinical and academic work focuses on the social, psychological, and relational meaning of wellness, health, and illness. She is available to support providers, organizations, and communities on a variety of topics including addressing medically underserved population and restoring a sense of humanity in medical care. You can see more on about her professional credentials including degrees, licenses, board certification, and publications on Linked In.

As we all slowly crawl out of the pandemic into a world that appears to be a little less organized and a little more uncertain, she is focusing her current efforts on supporting health care providers.  She is currently developing a Heal the Healers program, which is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, group based program that helps health care providers reconnect  their personal values to their practice in health care. 

(Coming soon !)  Dr. Kotay is actively working on several books related to the role of health care providers in addressing community manifestations of pain as well as on the use of biofeedback to retrain neural pathways associated with pain. 

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