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Anu Kotay, PhD

Anu Kotay is a licensed health psychologist, educator, and leader who has been most recently sought out to share expertise on topics such as biofeedback, pain sensitization, and health impacts of oppression.

About Anu Kotay

Anu Kotay is licensed clinical health psychologist who consults and teaches on an array of topics related to maintaining humanity in healthcare delivery. She aims to infuse a social psychophysiologicl (community-mind-body) perspective into provision of health care at all levels. Speaking or consultation topics include, but not limited to: mindfulness, biofeedback, hypnosis, motivational interviewing,  team dynamics, unexplained physical symptoms, and living with chronic illness.


Dr. Kotay is a clinical health psychologist licensed in the State of California (PSY#30026) and board certified as a Biofeedback Fellow (BCIA# B4631).  She is currently focusing her practice on supporting the needs of health care providers, with a focus on BIPOC providers.   

Building on her training as a clinical health psychologist and experience as a medical educator, Dr. Kotay is actively developing reflective groups to help providers connect their personal experiences to the professional identities.

Individual Services

Dr. Kotay has more than 15 years of training, supervising, and mentoring post doctoral medical professionals .  She is recognized as a BCIA approved biofeedback mentor . 

Schedule a consultation call if you are interested in mentorship, consulting, or other supportive services.

Workshops/ Continuing Education

Dr. Kotay is an enthusiastic speaker, who organizes content around latest evidence and offers practical actionable steps to her audience.  She is open to any speaking engagements and highly interested in supporting health care organizations maintain humanity in delivery of health care services.  

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